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30 ton coal fired steam boiler

Link: http://www.boilercatalogue.top/30-ton-coal-fired-steam-boiler.html

30 ton coal-fired steam boiler for sale is small size, light weight: the quantity and weight are just a third on the similar models currently out there, easy handling and installation; Heating fast: Compared with the identical hot-water tank, the thermal efficiency of 30 ton coal-fired steam boiler of ZG Boiler has enhanced by greater than 35%; Save fuel: such a 30 ton coal-fired steam boiler can saving more(a) 30% fuel in contrast with the identical hot water heaters ; Longevity: aging tests implies that ZG Boiler series coal-fired steam boilers in the marketplace have extended life on the same kind of product.

30 ton coal-fired steam boiler for sale features

1.Energy conservation and environmental protection
1). High flexibility of fuel, which can satisfy the burning of many kinds of fuels
2). Limestone can be added in bed material
3). During burning process reacts with SO2 of flue formulates sulphate, desulphuration can satisfy environment protection
4). Reasonable air distribution and low temperature of furnace, which can control formulation of NOx and really reach environment protection
5).Each target achieves a national kind of area environmental protection standard.

2.The operating cost of 30 ton coal fired steam boiler for sale is low
1). Big adjusting range load can be adjusted ranging 30%~110%
2). High automatic control, makes boilers running safely and economically in long term
3). Adopts upper-exhaust high temperature cyclone separated device
4). High collection of bed material
5). High heat transfer coefficient, high ability of overload
6).Its run cost is only 1/4 of the power plant boiler,below 1/2 of the fuel oil and gas fired boiler.

3. The automatically is high
1). Digital integrated controller
2). Easy to operate,auto-ignition,auto-matic high-quality goods,automatic clear ash,with fuel oil,gas-fired boiler operation same level convenient.

Uses the high standard,the high grade auxiliary engine ,the appendix and the automatic control equipment,assure the boiler security,the steady operation