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Biomass fuel fired boiler technology

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The biomass fuel characteristics play a major role in boiler technology selection. Parameters of particular importance are the moisture content, particle size, the ash melting temperature and the presence of corrosive elements such as chlorine or sulfur.

Horizontal industrial biomass Boilers are very much configured for a particular combustion temperature and air-fuel ratio. Large variations in moisture content will have a disruptive influence on boiler performance. Biomass boilers cannot readily switch from, for example wood chip to wood pellets without a shutdown and reconfiguration of boiler controls and fuel supply. Where an industrial user requires a constant steam temperature and pressure, careful attention must be paid to the fuel moisture content.

Modulation (the capacity to vary the boiler output) is a key concern for biomass steam boilers. Generally biomass boilers will only modulate to 40% of their capacity. A typical oil burner will modulate to 20%, and with the installation of multiple burners, oil boilers can modulate to very low output. Biomass boilers respond much less rapidly to variations in load. From start-up they can take several hours to get up to the required temperature and pressure. Steam is much more difficult to store than hot water. The boiler will have some in-built thermal storage and the use of steam accumulators provides some flexibility, but the key barrier at many sites is that a biomass steam boiler should be designed for a consistently required base-load.

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