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China’s Excellent Biomass Boiler Manufacturer

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With the increasing demand of biomass boiler,more and more enterprises are looking for the excellent biomass boiler manufacturer,through the market investigation,we find that most biomass fired boilers are purchased from ZG boiler limited,we will give some advantages of the biomass boiler manufactured by ZG boiler limited in the following sections.

On the basis of the original boiler technology,the biomass boiler innovatively solves the fouling and slagging problems in the processes of biomass combustion and heat transfer,and has a long-term and stable operation. Flue gas emissions meet the relevant national environmental standards,carbon content of ash is low, the comprehensive utilization of fly ash can be achieved.

China's Excellent Biomass Boiler Manufacturer

China’s Excellent Biomass Boiler Manufacturer

The biomass boiler adopts reciprocating grate,which is most suitable for biomass fuel combustion.In the structural design of the biomass boiler,compared with the traditional boilers,its furnace space is larger and secondary air arrangement is very reasonable,which contributes the sufficient burning of a large number of volatile produced instantly in the biomass fuel combustion.

Efficiency is generally above 80%, the boiler model large, burning more fully, boiler efficiency will be higher. Reached a maximum of 88.3%. Meanwhile automated fuel supply, to a great extent reduces the labor intensity of the boiler using more humane.

The efficiency of the biomass boiler is generally above 80%,the maximum can reach 88.3%.Meanwhile,automated fuel supply reduces the labor intensity,which makes the boiler more humane.

ZG boiler limited uses the industry waste recycling biomass boiler of ZG boiler limited,its fuel is residues produced in the processes of making ethanol,the steam is used for power generation and production,the ash is used as agricultural fertilizer,which saves 20000 tons coal for them and proves the considerable social and economic benefits.