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Common water gauges of chain grate steam boiler

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Because the chain grate steam boiler is a kind of large thermal equipment,the safety in operation is crucial,water gauges should be installed to ensure that the boiler water level is normal.Chain grate steam boiler commonly uses the following water gauges. Floating ball water level gauge

Floating ball water level gauge has hollow quartz glass ball in cavity,the ball is filled with halogen colorants.,its advantage is that the dividing line of steam and water is very clear. Its working principle is that when there is high temperature steam or boiler water in table cavity,a colorful ball will float on the liquid,and changs its location synchronously with the rise and fall of liquid level.

Plate type water level gauge

Plate type water level gauge has two types of single-sided and double-sided glass,it mainly composed by glass pane, metal frame box,steam cock,water cock,water drain valve and other components,Water gauge box box is made of cast iron, cast steel or ductile cast iron depending on the working pressure,it is also known as glass tube type water level gauge and glass plate type water level gauge.

Compared with the glass tube type water level gauge,the glass plate type water level gauge can bear a higher pressure and temperature and is not easy to leak,its structure is more complex,and is widely used in boiler,the glass tube type water level gauge has simple structure and is cheap,and is widely used in small low-pressure boiler.

Bi- color water gauge

Bi- color water gauge is designed based on principles of optics,by using it, the operator can accurately determine the water level even at long distances or at night,especially when the chain grate steam boiler has a serious water shortage or overflow,it is very eye-catching with all green or all red color appearing in water table.

The traveling grate steam boiler of ZG boiler limited ,lengthens the rear axle of furnace,extending the combustion time of fuel in the furnace to reach the complete combustion,reducing the carbon content of slag,overload capacity of the boiler significantly enhanced.