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Desulfurization methods of coal fired industrial boiler

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At pretest,coal is the main fuel of industrial boiler in china,sulfur in the coal nearly all transform into sulfur dioxide after combustion without desulfurization,the sulfur dioxide will cause serious environmental pollution,so,desulfurization is an important part to protect the environment.The main desulfurization methods of coal fired industrial boiler are the following ones. Desulfurization before coal combustion

The common way of the desulfurization before coal combustion is coal washing,using the physical treatment to eliminate the sulfur in coal.

Desulfurization in the furnace of coal fired industrial boiler

The common way is adding Sulfur fixing agent in the coal,the sulfur dioxide produced in the combustion,reacts with the sulfur dioxide,forming solid compounds,then,they are discharged with the slag.According to information,this is by far the most economic, practical, widely used method.
Flue gas desulfurization of coal fired industrial boiler

After coal combustion,although two desulfurization programs have been processed,we still can not reach the complete desulfurization,the flue gas also contains sulfur dioxide,the flue gas desulfurization is mainly the recycle of sulfur,adding absorbents in the cyclone dust removal desulfurization tower, they react with flue gas,forming sulfate,the sulfate is discharged into dust pool,reaching the effect of desulfurization. China-boiler-manufacturer ZG INDUSTRIAL LIMITED,as the biggest coal fired industrial boiler manufacturer in central China,always considers the environmental protection as her primary responsibility,her various products besides the coal fired industrial boiler can prove that,if you want know more about her,don not hesitate to browse her webpage.