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differences between water tube boiler and fire tube boiler

Link: http://www.boilercatalogue.top/differences-between-water-tube-boiler-and-fire-tube-boiler.html

The definition of the water tube and fire tube is decided by the medium of the pipe. The water pipe means that the pipe is used to transmit water which is heated through the outside smoke convection while the fire pipe is used to sent smoke. The structure o f the fire pipeline is simple and it has large steam volume and good adaptability for load. its required water quality is lower than that of water pipe boiler. Therefore, the fire pipe boiler is widely used in small-sized enterprise and life-oriented fields. However, the heating area of the water pipe is easily to distribute and has good transmission efficiency. This kind of structure can be used in large volume and high parametric. Furthermore, it has more strict requirements of the water quality and operation skills. Other specific differences:

1.the pressure of the water pipe boiler is more widely adaptive and it can satisfy the highest pressure requirements of 2.5Mpa while the fire pipe boiler is limited by the thickness of the material and pressure,it can only be used in the condition of under 2.5 mpa.

2.Fire tube boiler is shell boiler. It is difficult for the manufacturer to make large-sized one because of the limited equipment. Its largest largest capacity is not more than 35ton. Otherwise, the water tube boiler have no limit on the size.

3.The fire tube boiler is very compact, with the same capacity, its weight of the shell and the equipment is lower than that of water tube boiler. But, the water tube need more space to distribute the superheater, so the water tube need a large boiler room.