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How to Choose the Burner of Steam Boiler

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Steam boiler,as one kind of industrial boiler,can provide steam for industrial production, the burner is a critical part of steam boilerto ensure the sufficient burning of fuel by mixing the air and fuel by premixed device according to an appropriate proportion.The burner has a direct relation with the efficiency of steam boiler,so,it is necessary for the boiler manufacturers to choose the burner carefully,the engineer form ZG boiler limited will tell us how to choose the burner of steam boiler in the following aspects.
Steam Boiler Fuel

Enterprises using steam boiler should choose the burner according to its fuel,it is prerequisite to choose a suitable burner.
Technical Parameters of the Equipment

After the fuel of steam boiler is decided,we can choose the suitable burner based on the calorific value and power of corollary equipment.
The Temperature and Pressure of Furnace

When we choose a burner,we should have a good knowledge of furnace pressure and temperature,different temperatures in furnace decide different structures and materials of burner,positive pressure in furnace,we select the burner which can undergo high pressure,negative pressure in furnace,we select the burner which can undergo a lower pressure.

At the same time,ZG boiler limited the famous industrial boiler manufacturer in central China,indicates that we should choose the burner based on the requirements of our funds and equipments,for example,the gas steam boiler of ZG boiler limited adopts the famous burner of Weishaupt,Oilon,Riello,etc.Which ensure the efficiency of her steam boiler.