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How to choose the cleaning agent of industrial boiler

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Industrial boiler has played a huge role in industrial and agricultural production,however,boiler incrustation and corrosion will appear unavoidably in the its long-time running,the regular cleaning is necessary. ZG industrial boiler limited the experienced industrial boiler manufacturer in central and western China,indicates that proper cleaning agent should be chose to clean effectively,the common cleaning agents are the following ones.

Pickling agent of industrial boiler

For silicate scale produced by industrial boilers,it can be cleaned by adding fluoride(such as hydrofluoric acid,sodium fluoride,ammonium fluoride, etc.) in hydrochloric acid.

For sulfate scale or sulfate mixed with silicate scale,in advance,we should change their type by soda boiling,then,uses hydrochloric acid or hydrochloric acid added fluoride to clean.

For the iron oxide scale of industrial boiler,we can use hydrochloric acid added fluoride or nitric acid to clean,carbonate scale is often cleaned by hydrochloric acid.

When the scale contains copper,additives preventing the copper plating should be added.Industrial boiler contains austenitic steel material can not be cleaned by hydrochloric acid,generally,we can choose EDTA, amino sulfonic acid, citric acid, formic acid, acetic acid,hydroxy acetic acid as cleaning agent,and select the inhibitor and additives not containing a halogen element.
Alkaline detergent of industrial boiler

When new industrial boiler conducts soda boiling or alkaline wash before acid pickling,alkaline detergent is often composed of sodium hydroxide and trisodium phosphate or trisodium phosphate and sodium hydrogen phosphate,wetting agent and other additives.Industrial boiler contains austenitic steel material can not choose sodium hydroxide as primary alkaline detergent.

When the industrial boiler in operation needs to clean the sulfate scale and silicate scale,before acid pickling,the soda boiling is needed. This is some basic methods to choose the cleaning agent of industrial boiler,if you have any questions about the industrial boiler,do not hesitate to consult the engineers of ZG industrial boile limited ,you are surrounded by the best service.