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How to Clean A Coal Fired Boiler

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We have learned more about the importance of boiler cleaning,now we will learn some specific provisions of China about how to clean a coal fired boiler in the following sections.

In the process of coal fired boiler cleaning,the average corrosion rate of metal should be less than 8g / (m2 ยท h),the total amount of corrosion should be less than 80g/m2,qualified descaling rate is no less than 90% is qualified,fine descaling rate is no less than 95%.

After cleaning,the metal surface of coal fired boiler should be clean,essentially,having no residual oxides and welding slag,having no phenomenon of coppering and metal coarse crystal precipitation.

After cleaning,the metal surface should form good passivation film,should not have the secondary corrosion and pitting,at the same time,the valves,instruments,etc of fixed equipment should not be damaged.

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