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How to handle the cracks of the back tube plate of chain grate

Link: http://www.boilercatalogue.top/how-to-handle-the-cracks-of-the-back-tube-plate-of-chain-grate.html

We have discussed many reasons why the back tube plate of chain grate boilers cracks,according to this reasons,we can use the following treatment measures.

When the chain grate boiler needs maintenance,we should formulate the program reviewed by the Pressure Vessel Safety Supervision Sector,opening U groove in the connection of smoke tube and tube plate,controlling the length of tube plate the smoke tube extending in the high temperature and the weld should be grinded smooth.

Taking the measure of “tube plate heat preservation”,adding insulation layer at the side of tube plate and thermal sleeve at the end of smoke tube,which can solve the problem of excessive thermal load in the tube plate holes. Improving the process of water treatment and the quality of the water.

Reducing the times of start and stop,boiler heating and cooling should be slowly carried out.When boiler starts,we should first open the circulating pump,start the boiler after the heating system begins to cycle,we should not immediately stop the circulation pump after the shutdown of furnace,slow cooling measures should be taken.

China-boiler-manufacturer ZG as the biggest production base of industrial boilers,its chain grate boiler adopts the double wings gas ducts,the fuel gas can go into the front gas tank easily,so the temperature of different front plates can be same,in this way,it can avoid the cracks happening in the plates caused by different temperature and pressure.