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Preparations before Starting the Hot Water Boiler

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Hot water boiler,as as one kind of industrial boiler,is widely used in hotels,schools,communities,enterprises and public institutions for heating ,providing hot water,and so on.Because hot water boiler is large thermal power plant,so,before starting,besides checking the equipments,we should pay attention to the following aspects.

External Inspection of Hot Water Boiler

Including mainly insulation of furnace wall and other parts is good,supports and hangers is intact and firm,Long soot blower is in exit position,flue gas temperature probe,and various parts expansion indicators is intact and correct,lighting is good,fire equipments is complete,and so on.

Internal Checking of Hot Water Boiler

We should check combustor,gas pass,ESP,superheater, reheater,economizer, preheater, cold slag bucket, milling system,and so on,to ensure that nobody is working inside,no tools are left behind,no sundries on heating surface,scaffolding is removed,no fouling and slagging in cold ash bucket,no sundries in submerged chain conveyor and slag warehouse.

External Inspection of Hot Water Boiler Preheater

We should ensure that the appearance of preheater is complete,driving and variable speed device is good,oil level of various parts is normal,sealing device is good,pipeline valve is complete,have no leakage, bearing box cooling water is normal. Checking of Hot Water Boiler Combustion System

We should ensure that the insulation of burner is good,no fouling on air duct and bellow,oil gun, ignition, solenoid valve is good,oil gun and ignition are in the exit position.

Meanwhile boiler supplier ZG industrial limited the famous industrial boiler manufacturer in central China,also indicates that we should check the steam,water ,oil system of industrial hot water boiler to ensure that all security doors and pressure gages are intact and good,drum water level gauge is complete and clear,which make a obvious contribution to the safety operation of hot water boiler.