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The differences between hot water boiler and steam boiler

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With people’s improvement of environmental protection consciousnes, more and more enterprises pay their attention to the environment effect. How to choose a appropriate boiler is a tough problem for the buyers. In this passage, the editor will analyze the difference between the hot water boiler and the steam boiler.

The steam boiler has higher efficiency than hot water boiler. The steam boiler is effective and conserved. A high-speed steam boiler can conserve 5%-11% energy while hot water boiler will consumpt energy in the normal and continuous operation as well as heat loss from the chimney. After a long time running,the hot water boiler need a long time to restore, the hot water boiler can offer a large volume of hot water,wet steam and over heating steam. However,its needed pressure is 32 pa.

In today’s technology, the temperature of hot water offered by the hot water boiler is 240℃ while the steam volume can reach 45t/h. From the current perspective, using rapid steam boiler to offer wet steam is the ideal project: compared with the hot water boiler, relative humidity of the wet steam offered by the rapid steam boiler is 0.5%. in this way, the risk caused by steam condensation will reduce and it has good conductivity.

The steam boiler has so many advantages in both property and efficiency. In the near future, the traditional hot water boiler will fall into disuse. Therefore, when the customer buy a boiler, he should take all the relevant factor into account.