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The operation notions of biomass fired boiler

Link: http://www.boilercatalogue.top/the-operation-notions-of-biomass-fired-boiler.html

With the increasing energy needs in the society, the fossil fuel, as the major energy resource, has been decreasing rapidly. Therefore,finding a renewable alternative resource is a generally eye catching problem. Biomass is an ideal renewable resource which has a wide range of source. Every year, there are lots of waste generating from industry,and forest. The application of biomass fired boiler will become more and more widely used in the industrial production.so the boiler’s maintenance also draw our attention.The following are several notices for its operation:

(1)adjust the fuel feed volume of the spiral feeder according to the actual fuel consumption.
(2)Clear the furnace in time when the power is halted.
(3)The forced and induced draft fan can not stop before the fuel burn out.
(4)Don’t add any biomass fuel before the boiler stop.
(5)the fired need not to extinguish and the forced and induced fan can not stop until the fuel burn out.

Because the biomass fuel contains such metals : silicon, chlorine, and sodium, of which the ash fusion point is very low. and these are easily to block and coke, or even seriously affect the biomass boiler’s heat transmission. Therefore,it is necessary to clear the furnace, the smoking rooms and accumulated ash and dirt.