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the operation technology to prevent the boiler coking

Link: http://www.boilercatalogue.top/the-operation-technology-to-prevent-the-boiler-coking.html

Enhance the air distribution modes in the operation, adjust the tertiary air,make the flame rubbing not against water wall;adjust secondary air to offer enough oxygen to ensure the complete combustion of the coal powder. Adjust the first air to regulate the flame length. Alter the suction ventilator and keep the negative pressure of the furnace at about -70pa. Moreover, not only the combustion time need to be ensured but also that the lower furnace should form separating combustion. The oxygen content should be controlled at4%-6%.

Strengthen the combustion adjustment and strictly control the range . Rigidly control the speed of temperature rising and the pressure rising,prevent the temperature departure of the side wing. 3

Reinforce the inspection of the powder making system and keep the fuel nozzle from running with coking. The user should pay special attention to these details :

in the normal patrol inspection, the temperature of the furnace and the powder tube gate door should be inspected carefully. If it is abnormal, the user should deal it immediately.

The DCS, CRT must monitor the air pressure of the powder tube. If there’s something wrong, the furnace temperature should be tested immediately.if it is a little higher, the boiler should stop and swept. When the coal mill ceased normally, the staff should check the baffle of the separator exit , the coal powder exit baffle.

After the coal mill stops, the corresponding secondary board should keep 5-10% opening degree and ensure the cooling of the slit fuel nozzle.

Do the soot blowing constantly and properly ad the times according to the changing temperature.