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The water treatment measures of biomass fired boiler

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Biomass fired boilers,compared with traditional coal fired boilers,achieve the aim of environmental protection and energy conservation to some extent.In the process of use,biomass fired boiler also needs water treatment to prevent boiler scale,to meet the boiler water standards,effective measures of water treatment in the following aspects should be taken.

The application of water drop alkaline agent

Water drop alkaline agent is composed of efficient corrosion inhibitor,alkaline reduction agent,catalyst and other organic or inorganic components.It can reduce the alkalinity of biomass fired boiler feed water,improve the concentration ratio of water,reduce the emissions of biomass fired boiler,and improve significantly the ratio of steam and water.

The application of chemical oxygen scavenger

chemical oxygen scavenger is composed of inhibitor, penetrant, oxygen absorber and other organic or inorganic components.It can absorb the dissolved oxygen in the biomass fired boiler water to prevent the corrosion of dissolved oxygen on boiler metal,and the chemical reaction products have no harm to the biomass fired boiler.

The application of water vapor condensing agent

Water vapor condensing agent is composed of efficient corrosion inhibitor,pH adjusting agent,organic surface-active agent,film former and other organic or inorganic components.It can effectively inhibit the corrosion of acidic water on metals,plays an important role of purifying steam,regulating the quality of condensate water and prolonging the service life of equipments and pipelines.

The application of scale and corrosion inhibitor

Generally,scale and corrosion inhibitor is composed of efficient corrosion inhibitor,penetrant,dispersing agent, alkalinity regulator, catalyst and other organic or inorganic components.Under the condition of high temperature biomass fired boiler water,it conducts the complex physical and chemical reaction,which can effectively prevent the boiler scale on heating surface. Biomass fired boiler,as one kind of industrial boilers,is more and more popular around the world.ZG industrial boiler limited ,a leading industrial boiler and pressure vessel manufacturer in China,will spare no effort to the exploration of the biomass boiler,many reliable and cost effective biomass fired boilers have been sold at home and abroad,customer satisfaction is our constant pursuit,no matter you need biomass fired steam boiler,biomass fired hot water boiler,or professional guidance,don’t hesitate to contacts us now!