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Waste heat recovery boiler application

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With the high cost and environmental impact of fossil fuels, heat energy is a precious commodity that cannot be wasted.

Any exhaust gas stream with temperatures above 250°F has the potential for significant waste heat recovery boiler. Consumers of waste heat energy can be found in almost any facility and are easy to locate.

ZG offers years of experience utilizing waste gases and recovering its energy in the form of steam. Steam generation is an ideal way to recover waste heat energy from these gases in a form most easily utilized.

Typical examples include plant process heating, combustion air pre-heating,waste heat boiler feed water pre-heating, and building heat. In addition to savings in everyday fuel consumption, many facilities can market and sell carbon credits back to industry.

ZG engineers are heat energy management experts. In addition to constantly optimizing our heating systems to provide the most cost effective operation possible, we provide energy audits or technical consulting to assist customers in determining if they have waste energy that can be recovered to further reduce their operating costs.

If the audit results in recommendations for heat recovery equipment, we can provide that equipment and guarantee the energy savings, insuring that your recovery potential is fully realized.

Waste heat recovery boiler application

Waste heat recovery boiler from a variety of processes including refinery, petrochemical incinerator gases, thermal oxidizer gases, nitric acid process gases, fume incinerator gases, coking, FCC, cement kilns.