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Waste heat recovery boiler

Link: http://www.boilercatalogue.top/waste-heat-recovery-boiler.html

ZG Boiler offers years of experience utilizing waste gases from various industrial processes can be recovered to reduce energy consumption. Waste heat recovery boiler for sale is mainly used to generate steam and power by utilizing waste gases in refinery, petrochemical incinerator gases, thermal oxidizer gases, nitric acid process gases, fume incinerator gases, coking, FCC, cement kilns.

Waste heat recovery boiler

Waste heat recovery boiler Specifications

Capacity: 1-120 ton
Temperature: 184-450 ℃
Pressure: 1.25-3.82Mpa

The waste heat recovery boilers are mainly used in the following areas

1. The chemical industry: three castoffs mixed burning boiler and blown gas waste heat boiler, sulfuric acid wast heat boiler, sodium dichromate rotary kiln waste heat boiler, etc.
2. The building materials industry: waste heat boiler of cement kiln, glass kiln waste heat boiler, brick and tile industry waste heat boiler, etc.
3. Non-ferrous metallurgy industry: carbon kiln waste heat boilers, submerged arc furnace industry waste heat boiler, calcium carbide furnace waste heat boiler, lead smelting waste heat boiler, copper smelting waste heat boiler, zinc smelting waste heat boiler, fuming furnace waste heat boiler, etc.
4. The iron and steel industry: sintering machine and cooling machine waste heat boiler, waste heat boiler of dry quenching, coking waste heat boiler, soaking furnace waste heat boiler, converter gas waste heat boiler, etc.
5. Other industries: waste heat boiler of hazardous waste, high-concentration waste liquid and medical waste incineration waste heat boiler, etc.