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What causes the explosion of gas fired boiler

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Natural gas or coal gas is the main fuel of gas fired boiler,the main component of which is methane,it is flammable and combustible gas,improper operation or leak can easily lead to the explosion of gas fired boiler.The explosion of gas fired boiler has huge lethality and destructive power,so,to prevent that,we should know the following factors causing the explosion of gas fired boiler.
Improper ignition

If we fail to cut off the gas source and purge the combustible gas in trachea timely,the concentration of combustible gas in furnace increases,when it reaches the certain point of explosion,reignition will leads to the explosion of gas fired boiler. Instability of the burner’s output The instability of the burner’s output of gas fired boiler leads to the instability of flame,if combustible gas continues entering,the explosion of gas fired boiler will happen.

Leaks of gas pipeline

If the aging and corrosion of pipeline fail to check and maintain timely,the leaks will happen in the process of gas transmission,then,the explosion of gas fired boiler will happen.

Imperfection of protection and detection devices

Without fire-extinguishing and ignition protective devices and flame detection device,if the leaks happen,ignition will cause theexplosion of gas fired boiler because the furnace is full of combustion gas.

Some accidents are caused by operating personnels,without professional training,they fail to operate according to the rules and regulations.
Safety awareness is not enough

Because safety awareness of the staff is not enough,they ignore the regular maintenance of the gas fired boiler on duty,which will leads to the accidents easily.

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