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What causes the high temperature boiler flue gas

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High temperature of coal fired boiler flue gas not only affects the economic operation of boiler,but also threaten the safe operation of boiler by increasing the possibility of secondary combustion,so,we should have a good knowledge of the following aspects causing the high temperature of coal fired boiler flue gas.

Air leakage of coal-fired boiler

It mainly refers to the air leakage of furnace,coal pulverizing system and gas duct,it is one of the main reasons why the temperature of coal fired boiler flue gas increases,and relates to the operation management and the equipment structure. Fouling of heating surface

The heating surface fouling of coal fired will reduce the heat transfer coefficient of heating surface,the heat absorption capacity of coal fired boiler reduces,the inlet flue gas temperature of air preheater increases,resulting in the increase of exhaust gas temperature.

Too much cold wind

In the operation of milling system,some cold wind is needed to maintain a certain outlet temperature of coal mill,it will lead to the wind passing through the preheater becomes less,resulting in the increase of exhaust gas temperature.

Changes of coal types

Different volatile,calorific value and ash content of fuel coal will lead to the increase of coal fired boiler,it will also lead to the increase of exhaust gas temperature.

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