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What factors can affect The heating load of Vacuum hot water

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Vacuum hot water boiler is more advantageous than traditional boiler ,which has leaded the the new trend of the civilized heating system.many people are douted about the new products and need to know more about its property and heating load.On these questions, the engineers of ZG boiler give their answers:

According to the introduction, the heating load of the vacuum boiler is mainly affected by such factors´╝Üthe material of heat transfer tube,the consumption of the fuel,the water quality ,the flow speed, the content of the non-condensable gas. The specific manifestation are listed below: the material of the heat transfer tube:

The main function of the vacuum hot boiler is to offer hot energy. The heat transfer tube is used to output the heat.when the bigger the heat transfer coefficient is ,the larger load the heat will be produced. The air volume of the burner

the high efficiency of the vacuum hot water boiler manufactured by ZG BOILER can reach 92%. The higher the efficiency is ,the more heat it will produce. However if the air volume is too large ,the heat efficiency will reduce because the increasing smoke will bring some heat energy.if the air volume is too small, the fuel will not completely burn. Generally, the air volume should be adjusted when inspecting the boiler. The water quality and the water speed:

The quality of the water is directly linked with the formation of the incrustation. The higher the coefficient is, the worse the heating efficiency will be, which will lead to lower heat output. When other terms is constant, and the water speed is changing within certain range, the slower the speed is ,the heat efficiency will reduce.

Meanwhile, the content of non condensable gas means the air from outside, which can not be condensable and absorbed by the work media. It is clinged on the surface of the heat transfer tube, reducing the heat transfer coefficient of saturated steam surface.