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Why the surface corrosion of industrial boiler happens

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Serious corrosion will shorten the service life of industrial boiler,so,we should look for the reasons why the surface corrosion of industrial boiler happens.

As the biggest production base of industrial boiler and autoclave production base, ZG Boiler also solve the problem in the customers’using,besides producing high quality productions.For the surface corrosion of industrial boiler,ZG Boiler gives the following reasons.

Too much sulfur in the coal

For the coal fired industrial boiler,the using of coal has a certain standard,too much sulfur in the coal and humid air in furnace,after the soot absorbing water,so3 and so2 in the soot react with water,producing sour corrosion in the surface.

The industrial boiler problems in the process of antiseptic treatment

In the operation of industrial boiler’s antiseptic treatment,many shortages exist,such as,the valve is not tightly closed, the boiler body is dried thoroughly, which makes the adding desiccant form saturated state in a very short period of time,the desiccant is not be replaced for long term, which makes the desiccant lose efficacy, the shortages will lead to the surface corrosion of industrial boiler.

Improper operation of the operators

Because the operators do not know much about the basic methods about the boiler’s maintenance,after furnace shut down,they may fill the boiler with water simply.which exacerbate the surface corrosion of industrial boiler.

Therefor, ZG Boiler reminds us that,after furnace shut down,to avoid the problems caused by corrosion,we should timely clean up soot formation and strengthen the anti-corrosion maintenance,If you have problems,you can consult zg boiler at any time